AGS Builders, Inc. - Custom Finish Carpentry

Our Process

Step 1: Initial Appointment
We will meet with you to discuss and evaluate your project and learn your objectives.  At no cost to you, this consultation will allow us to gather the necessary information to prepare a General Scope of Work and a Preliminary Budget.

Step 2: General Scope of Work and Preliminary  Budget
AGS Builders, Inc. will present to you a General Scope of Work and a Preliminary Budget based on our initial consultation.
The Preliminary  Budget will give you allowances necessary for you to decide the final scope of your project.

Step 3: Construction Contract
Your Construction Contract will include:
            a.  A guaranteed price to do all work specified
            b.  Specifications for your project
            b.  Allowances for you to choose from
            c.  Construction documents
            d.  Your selection responsibilities
            e.  Construction payment schedule


Remodeling and Home Design
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